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Founded in 2007, 3Degrees is passionate about addressing climate change by helping hundreds of organisations incorporate clean energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies into their business operations. The 3Degrees team has deep expertise in sustainability consulting, environmental markets, renewable energy and carbon project development, and utility renewable energy programs. To date, 3Degrees has delivered 8.8 million verified carbon credits.

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Founded in 2009, ACT helps businesses worldwide reduce their carbon footprints quickly and cost-effectively. As a global leader in trading environmental commodities, ACT offers unrivalled choice, service and reliability. Acknowledging the critical role sustainable solutions and renewable energy sources play in Corporate responsibility, ACT works closely with partners to create customized solutions to meet environmental goals, helping to nurture a greener planet for future generations.

Headquarters: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Founded in 2009, ALLCOT is a leader in greenhouse gas emissions management tools and strategies for businesses of all sizes. ALLCOT utilises emissions measurement, offsetting and reduction strategies to build creative, long-term sustainability partnerships with clients from a variety of commercial sectors, enabling them to achieve carbon neutrality among many other company benefits.

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

Founded in 2012, Althelia Ecosphere is an impact investment manager that delivers financial returns fully aligned with the conservation of nature and sustainable social development. Althelia Ecosphere leverages expertise and capital to define pathways for innovative solutions to the climate and environmental challenges facing society today. With a special emphasis on sustainable land-use, biodiversity and ecosystem services, Althelia Ecopshere seeks to leverage investment that simultaneously catalyses a range of positive impacts, such as positively transformed land-use models delivering social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation is the largest non-profit conservation and education organization dedicated to planting trees. With more than one million members, more than 300 million trees planted, and a global network of dedicated partners, The Foundation uses trees as a solution to solve complex local and global issues such as reversing climate change, improving water and air quality, stabilizing soil, creating high-quality jobs, and restoring wildlife habitat. The Arbor Day Foundation accomplishes its impact through several conservation and education programs, such as Replanting our Forests, Tree City USA and the Community Tree Recovery.

Headquarters: Nebraska, United States

Founded in 2006 as a not for profit within the BP Group, BP Target Neutral develops carbon neutral products and services for BP’s customers and partners. BP Target Neutral is helping customers reduce emissions across 4 key sectors including plastics, aerospace, transport and auto-manufacturing. To date, BP Target Neutral has offset over 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 on behalf of customers.

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Founded in 2012, Carbonsink supports companies to manage their CO2 emissions, making it an opportunity of development through climate change mitigation strategies tailored to reduce, as far as possible, the amount of greenhouse gas produced through activities and to obtain a lasting competitive advantage over time.

Headquarters: Florence, Italy

Founded in 1997, ClimateCare has 20 years’ experience delivering programmes for corporate and government clients. ClimateCare delivers high quality, integrated sustainability programmes, which allow organisations to take responsibility for carbon and other impacts. To date, ClimateCare has cut over 20 million tonnes of CO2 on behalf of customers.

Headquarters: Oxford, United Kingdom

Climate Neutral Group (CNG) wants to accelerate the transition to a net-zero carbon economy. Founded in 2002, CNG is now a European market leader in the field of carbon footprinting, life cycle analysis (LCA), emission reduction and carbon offsetting in order to help organizations become climate neutral. CNG offers its clients advice on how to fight climate change whilst strengthening their corporate strategies. For target setting, milestones and goals, the Paris Agreement, Science Based Targets and Best Practices are used to keep companies “on track” towards 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 and net zero emissions in 2050.

Headquarters: Utrecht, Netherlands

Founded in 2006, ClimatePartner is a leading solutions provider for corporate climate protection. Together with its clients, ClimatePartner implements customized solutions for calculating and offsetting CO2 emissions to achieve climate neutrality for companies, services and products. Carbon offset projets are developed by ClimatePartner itself, in cooperation with a global network of partners. ClimatePartner also advises companies on climate protection strategies and reduction measures.

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Founded in 2003, CO2balance's work is dedicated to providing outstanding services direct with communities in Africa to implement water, cook stove and solar projects that improve people's lives. In addition, CO2Balance works with businesses to reduce their impact on the environment and enable them to deliver outstanding Sustainability Strategies / CSR Programmes. Finally, CO2balance also partners with NGOs to deliver climate change mitigation initiatives through consultancy that generates income through water, solar and agricultural projects.

Headquarters: Taunton, United Kingdom

Founded in 2005, the EcoAct Group provides companies and regions with unique expertise in planning for and implementing positive change in response to climate and carbon challenges. EcoAct develops and implements climate and carbon strategies that make it possible for business managers to transform their business models and turn climate change awareness into a genuine performance lever. In 2017, the EcoAct Group acquired Carbon Clear (an ICROA Member at the time), which rebranded to EcoAct in September 2018.

Headquarters: Paris, France

Founded in 1999, First Climate established itself as a pioneer in environmental asset management as well as voluntary & compliance carbon trading and consulting for the carbon emissions markets. First Climate has throughout its existence continuously broadened its portfolio of products and services. Today First Climate offers comprehensive solutions in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable investments and climate change mitigation supporting companies and organizations to achieve their sustainability and environmental objectives.

Headquarters: Bad Vilbel, Germany

Founded in 1997, Natural Capital Partners works to deliver high quality solutions that ensure immediate, positive impact on the world’s natural capital. Natural Capital Partners has developed products and services that deliver immediate, positive and measurable impacts on carbon, energy, water, biodiversity and communities across its clients’ direct operations, consumer markets and supply chains. Natural Capital Partners works with more than 300 clients in 33 countries to ensure their environmental programmes deliver value for their business.

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Founded in 2006, South Pole Group offers comprehensive sustainability solutions and services, and creates value from sustainability-related activities for its customers. South Pole Group has successfully developed over 500+ emission reduction projects in - among others - renewables, forestry, agriculture, industry, as well as urban mitigation and adaptation. Present in over 30 countries, South Pole Group demonstrates the realities of sustainable solutions for its clients - from the United Nations to the world's leading financial institutions to top notch consumer goods brands and more.

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

Established as a limited company in 2011, Toitū Envirocare has been the leading provider of environmental certification in New Zealand since 2001 as part of its parent company, Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research. Its programmes have ensured that New Zealand companies are benefiting from international best practice, applied science, and effective tools. As a subsidiary of Crown Research Institute, Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research, Toitū Envirocare is government owned. Though developed for New Zealand business needs, Toitū Envirocare's certification programmes currently serve over 400 clients worldwide.

Headquarters: Lincoln, New Zealand

Founded in 1998, Vertis Environmental Finance was one of the first companies in the world to be involved in the carbon markets as a pioneer of the Kyoto Protocol’s Joint Implementation projects, helping companies to finance emission reduction investments. In the last 20 years, Vertis helped over 1,000 clients plan and execute their compliance strategies, contributed to the reduction of 20 million tons of CO2 and opened four offices across Europe. Vertis' services are currently centered around emission allowances and green certificates trading, climate finance, voluntary carbon offsetting and sustainable energy.

Headquarters: Budapest, Hungary

Founded in 2010 and borrowing on the concept of a circular economy, VNV Advisory's endeavour has been to integrate similar principles into the sustainability and responsible business eco system. VNV Advisory has been able to develop and evolve this concept into a strategy called sustainability 360. Over the years VNV Advisory has been working with communities, private companies, development organisations and government agencies towards addressing issues of social equity, greater transparency and responsibility towards natural capital.

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

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